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Let Notifications knock you, instead of continuously checking for Notifications

constantly checking phone for notification

Notifications are meant to be, make your day easy, but unfortunately, it has flipped the sides recently. Everybody needs your attention, so every app on your device try to push the maximum amount of notification they can. So the number of useful notification very low.

How much of your working time is wasted for constantly checking for notification, Well your working on your new project full focused in your full potential, and suddenly your phone notification sound plays, what if can be maybe your boss reminding you a meeting or your wife reminding something as she always does, and you stop your work and go for your phone?

And when you get there there is “Check out this cool cat video”, from one of your apps.

And you swipe it out and come to work and you will regain your focus in five or ten minutes, So what’s the big deal here why should we care about this? As I said earlier Number of notifications you receive is increasing day by day. So does the number of time you distracted from your work, and it can kill a lot of time, and you are not even aware of it.

Can turning off all the notification help?

Well, going back to the stone age, is not a good answer. Being quickly notified is really important in a lot of occasions, you can take immediate actions on things when you know them early.

But limiting the number of apps can really help, If you do not want to know about newly released music albums immediately, go-ahead and disable notifications for your music app.

Then what is the best thing to do?

Well simply glimpse on your notifications. Glimpse notifications is an app that solves this problem in a very interesting way. When you receive a notification glimpse notifications app automatically turn on your display, and give you a quick glance on it.

Let’s think about it again, when a notification sound rings, you have to stop your work and grab the phone unlock and check the notification. So what Glimpse Notification does is it turns on your display once a new notification came at you so you can take a quick look at it even without touching the phone.

So if that notification is an important one you can go ahead and unlock the phone and engage with it, and if it is not important you can simply ignore it knowing that is not important even without touching the phone.

So you do not need to break out of your work occasionally with useless things. Simply keep your phone on your desk, that’s all you have to do.

Get Glimpse Notifications from Google Play

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