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These 5 Tips Will Keep Your iPhone More Secure Than the Average Unit

5 tips to protect your uphone

We cannot echo this enough:
The iPhone is not some Fort Knox that you put in your pocket.
Of course, iOS is a pretty robust and safe platform but that does not mean it is not at risk of hacks and breaches too. Just earlier this year, Apple also confirmed a serious issue in the iOS – but it has since been patched.
So that you don’t fall victim to hackers or lose your data to threat actors, do these:

Scan your iPhone

We first have to make sure that your iPhone is free of any malware or threatening apps. Otherwise, every other thing we do would sooner or later come undone.
Install reputable antivirus software and initiate a deep scan of your phone.
The results should indicate what steps you have to take.

Take app inventory

Proper app management is also key to security.
Remove any apps that you might have sideloaded. You don’t know enough about the source to trust that they did not ship any malware with the app code.
Furthermore, remove any apps that you are not using. It is sometimes tempting to just keep apps around for the sake of it. But then, you stop updating these apps since you don’t use them which exposes you to bugs that could be exploited.
Finally, revoke app access to certain permissions that it doesn’t need. No app should have more permissions than it truly requires to function properly.

Install a VPN

These days, using a VPN for your iPhone is one of the best decisions that you can make.

A quality VPN gives you protection against the dangers of public and free Wi-Fi networks. Even when on a personal network, a VPN ensures anonymity and data encryption, so much that no one outside the network can see what you are doing on your phone. Not even your ISP is privy to that piece of information anymore.

Never jailbreak your iPhone

Saying ‘jailbreak’ makes it feel like Apple was keeping you walled in and you finally tasted freedom.

Of course, there is a ‘walled garden’ mentality around Apple devices but that won’t be there if not that it served a purpose. Stay within the walled garden and use all the permissions that the manufacturer affords you.

Update your OS

Apple supports its units for up to five years after launch which is currently the longest for any mobile OS provider. Take advantage of that to stay updated with the current security patches as well as the latest versions of the iOS.
As mentioned above, the company fixed a recent dire issue with an update, telling you how important those notifications are.
If you have any updates pending – even on your apps – now is the time to get to them.

Stay safe

Employ the above tips and you can rest assured that your iPhone is more secure than the average unit.

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