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How To Effectively Blur Out Faces In Videos In Seconds With Android

Did you know about the “Put Mask app” or the” Put mask..? With this app you can blur the faces or anything else in any video you have and highlight the part you want. You can do this action very simply, easily and efficiently due to the physical features here.

On 28th July 2020, this unique and unique app was introduced to the world. It is a special fact that more than 100,000 people around the world have downloaded this app. This app, which has a download size of 29.32MB, is suitable for any Android phone. It is also special to be able to download easily.This app is offered by “Plague Doctor”. Put Mask App has version 6.04 and this android app has been updated on 23rd December 2021. To buy new features this android cost about 4 dollars in US.

It is also special that when you need to finish or change the editing of a video or photo you have, you can get the information as a project in the Put Mask app. Put Mask android app contains a special theme, “Your safety is our priority”. This is their main theme. And this app store the project you set up only on the phone. Thus, they make sure to protect your privacy and confidentiality. With the Put Mask app,You can mask your face or something else before sharing your videos with your friends. This can be done automatically or manually. 

It happens like this,

The put mask app can detect even a small square with dimensions of 10 by 10 pixel from any angle. This app can process videos in both directions and detect and blur the faces you want. 

If there is any problem related to the app, they have been given an email address to let them know about it.

It can be said that this app is the best app for editing your videos and protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

Another feature here is the ability to track objects.  is another convenience that this app gives us to closely monitor any small movement. For example this app gives us another relief to do something like “Adobe Premiere Motion Play Feature.” Because of this instead of using several apps for video editing we can use a single app. helps us manager our time and finish the project beautifully.  priority has been given.

It is special that this app has given us many other features Among  them , if you want to blur something other than the face of a video, you can track it with your finger to clearly see the part you need. Another feature that the “put mask app “gives us is the facility to do  video editing based on frames numbers. This allows you to edit the frames one by one in the put mask app and also allows you to take the video to any frame you want.

Another features of the “Put mask App” Is the ability to save any project you have done. In addition to saving your current information, it also allows you to finish editing or pick up where you left off. What’s more, your programs are also available as a project in Put Mask.  

As mentioned before, this app is more useful than all these because it is a top app in terms of security and privacy. This app is designed with the theme” Your security is our priority” and all your projects are stable only on your phone. So your phone does not transfer any information to another phone or computer. Even if they say so, they should be careful about it. With your direct permission, the put mask app will be able to read and edit the project. And to protect your privacy, all the features are provided by the staff for free, but you have to buy some money for only the Graphic characters of the application.

    As someone with extensive knowledge of video editing, a beginner with no knowledge about it can create video very quickly and easily by editing this application. When you go to out mask face tracking mode you have two devices or tools to use face tracking features. You can use this first tool if you have any idea about how long the face in the video is, or what are those faces / How long should it be? 

    However, the last thing that can be pointed out is that if you want to create one or more videos privately and secretly, the best app for that is the put mask app.

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